Hi there, you have just landed on MARCO PIAGENTINI 's Home Page ...
(... ma se stavi cercando la versione in Italiano devi andare su piagentini.IT e non .COM !!)

Anyway ... this is me:
Campionati Italiani di Triathlon Elite a Staffetta  Racconti di un Pellegrino Italiano 
... and this home page, as per its name, it's really a PAGE, a SINGLE PAGE organized VERTICALLY,
this means that to see it all you just need to scroll down :)

OnGoing HELP! needed (2021 Version) : please reach

 and ... in case you did not understand, I'll talk straight to YOU ...
... in case you feel uncomfortable with all of the above, please just surf elsewhere on the web :)

So, if you survived up to here, let's go on ... and well, since right today, and solely for the Grace of God,
I reached the VENERABLE age of 54 Years, 1 months, and 13 Days,
and after years of attempts looks like I'm still not able to find some time to do a serious personal website,
and so to share something of my life with you I decided to use this page, which is basically as a pointer to some social network ...

... basically Facebook, at the following address:

(wichs is mainly in Italian, but Google translate does a reasonable job over it)
there you can find my lastes pics  and my "Photo Reports" organized in albums,
while I seldom use Twitter (where i have a profile at

I'm also trying to keep my curriculum current on LinkedIn at

I also own a YouTube channel where you can find a number of Medjugorje Videos, at
lately I also got on Pinterest , more for curiosity than anything else; you can find my boards at

I have a contributor page also on Wikipedia as I love to contribute on pages regarding Medjugorje and Charismatic Renewal.

most of the contents of the above resources is in Italian, which is no more a problem nowadays if you use Google Chrome or Google Translate
but I do often post in English, especially contents related to Medjugorje

For buttons' fans, here are some of them:
View Marco Piagentini's profile on LinkedIn  

.. you can also follow me with my training and races on 

beside all of the above, on THIS site, at least up to date, you can find ONLY some brief information about
my REPORT (mainly from Medjugorje)
on my pictures as a Pohotographer (sports and liturgic one)
on my SPORTS activities and skill (Quadrathlon and its sub-sports reelatede)
and some BANNERS (my MisterDomain provider and something else)


Since I had an internet connection and a way to "share", and way before the term "blog" made his way through our dictionaries,
I had the habit of writing "reports" of the most important things I was living in my life.

For example, here you can find my New York City Marathon 2002 "report", both in ORIGINAL and BRIEF version,
The last one expressly edited by Dagmar Lasic for Peace Marathon Medjugorje 2008 official site,
This marathon has been run only in 2007 and 2008, but ... God Willing, someone will be able to put it back on track in the future !!!

The above story is part of my book, "The Way of an Italian Pilgrim" ...

... that incudes my most important reports.

 God Willing, I should be able to complete soon ... english version next to come.


As for some pictures of mine, let me tell you that I began "shooting" back in 1994 with a compact "Yashica" film camera!

Most of my pictures are on my Facebook profile : there you can find my latest pics
and most of my "Photo Reports" organized as albums.

Most of my best sest photos are still on flickr at  ...

... while to keep track of my 20++ years of digital pics I mainly use Google Photos

While being from February 2008, the following are still two of my best self-descriptive pics ...

il February 20th 2008, in Terni's Track and Field .. both FRONT ... ... and back :)

but 10 years later I decided to add a pair from 2018 :)

arouns september as a "LIGER athlete" with my captain Checco "nano" Cauz ... ... by the end of 2018 with my Father Lorenzo in "Campello sul Clitunno" by a lovely little lake part where he used to bring me when I was still a kid.

clicking on the above pics brings you to a full Google Photo album.


I first started doing some sport at 8, when I was introduced to swimming more for orthopedic issues than anything else.

As all of my italian kids of my generation, I had to do something also with soccer,
but then at 11 I began with basketball and I went on for years.

At the same age I began RUNNING and i never stopped.

As an "athlete" I may say to have born at 37 (in 2007) with my first official membership
in the Italian Track & Field and Triathlon Federation.

Up to date I've run 7 marathons, a number of half marathons,
and I just cant' count all of the other street and cross runs between 5k and 30k,
to which I can add almost 100 triathlon races, up to an Half Ironman.

I'm actually "upgrading" from Triathlon to Quadrathlon,
trying to develop this last one in Italy.

It's funny ... Quadrathlon was founded in 1987 by an Italian and there is no national organization yet!


As for the old-but-good "banners" that was common in the first 2000s,
 to claim things such as "Site developed for Netscape" or "Best View at 1024x768",
let me say that ...


Yes, this is Italian, and this means
"This is site is best view with a PC and a Monitor"
(still it should look good on any mobile device as well as it's only HTML)

For some more serios banners, let me inform you that all of my internet websites are hosted by MisterDomain.EU
In case you need a website, if you go through the following buttons I should theoretically earn a few cents  ...


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